100% Registered Email Template
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Use this template as a starting point for an email to your congregation. Personalize it and add
your own thoughts. Announce your Voter Registrations Sunday(s) and give the details of any
contests. Just copy the banner and text below, paste into your email, and personalize it!

Announcing a 100% Registered Campaign!

I know you're as concerned as I am about the future of our country.

One thing we can do to make a difference is to register and vote. Only about half of the
60 million Christians in the U.S. vote in any given election, or are even registered to vote.
Imagine the impact we could make on our nation if we all made our voices heard on Election

So, we're launching a 100% Registered Campaign in our church. The goal is to get every
eligible adult registered to vote.

We'll hold a Voter Registration Sunday on _____________.

You can also register online right now! (link to your webpage with the online voter registration tool)



















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